Who am I?

Who am I?

Well, that’s a good question – it’s something I’m still trying to figure out myself. I’ll begin with the basic information which will give insight into who I think I am at this moment in time.

My name is Janetta – or more commonly called ‘Jan’. Does it sound like I am a 65-year-old woman who likes to bake and knit in her spare time? Yes. This is the complete opposite of who I am but the name stuck so here I am.

My yearbook from my last year of high school with the scribblings of my peers describe me as “insane”, “dangerous”, “amazingly weird” and “not normal”. However rest assured, I was loved, as these messages to me were always followed by a kind “I’ll miss you xoxo”, “Stay in touch”, and “Love you”.


I was born and raised in the sunny Napier, Hawkes Bay, where I spend a lot of my childhood running around barefoot, climbing trees, fishing for eels and sliding down steep hills in cardboard boxes. A childhood filled with everyday adventures riding bikes around the neighbourhood and a constant failure to return home before dinner. Perhaps my love for the outdoors is greatly influenced by the nostalgic memories of practically living outside.

I’m from a family of five with an older brother who is currently doing engineering down South and a younger sister who constantly insists I cannot cook to save my life. Well, actually 2-minute noodles are a form of cooking so she’s absolutely wrong there. My parents are from South Korea and are immigrants who moved to New Zealand 20 years ago with the bare minimum of required English, an act of bravery that I will always admire them for.

Back in high school, I was one of two environmental prefects so whenever I see people carelessly littering, a part of me yearns to not so politely correct them in their careless crime of slowly killing our earth.

My interests include playing music – the ukulele and guitar have caught my attention lately -, drawing comics, sewing and creating things, going out for gelato, taking long walks in the rain and watching comedy movies.
My taste in music is very open but I do have a fondness of electric pop – sometimes techno on the rare occasion. A favourite band of mine at the moment would be Passion Pit and their latest Album Kindred which is insanely good – so good in fact I have listened to the entire thing over 30 times and I am still in love with it.

Something I’ve always been curious about is the ocean. According to Ocean service, 95 percent of the ocean remains still unexplored and we have only seen a mere 5 percent to date. There is so much that could exist that we could never truly discover and it both amazes and terrifies me at the vastness of this mass of water. Who knows what could lie in the depths of the waters?


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