Reading Reflection

Reading Reflection


A key point that Mirzoeff illustrates is the idea of how a large part of global networking is used to create, send or view images. Images are important forms of visual communication that are popular in our modern world, especially amongst the younger generations. This point interests me as it goes to show just why we are so obsessed with sharing or creating images. “We feel compelled to make images of it and share it with other as a key part of our effort to understand the changing world around us and our place within it” (Mirzoeff  6).

Another interesting key point that Mirzeoff makes is the idea that “One world does not mean it is equally available to all” (Mirzoeff 10) I resonate with this point as it is so accurately true in relation to the privileges and benefits that others have that some don’t whether it is due to race, financial situation, nationality, country of residence etc. We as humans like to claim everybody is equal but how can that be if we don’t even have the equal opportunity available to everyone.

Lastly Mirzoeff’s key idea of ‘Tiled Rendering’ interests me as he uses the comparison of the two pictures of the ‘Blue marble’ (1972 and 2012) as a metaphor for the idea that what we see isn’t always what we think it is.”We assemble the world from pieces, assuming what we see is both coherent and equivalent to reality. Until we discover it is not” (Mirzoeff 10)

When something that we see or hear and expect to be true is not we feel betrayed – for example, the outcry in female teenagers, when they discovered the actor Zac Efron in the film 0f High School Musical, did not actually sing.


Visual Culture

Unlike how the term suggests, visual culture can involve aspects that go unseen or are invisible to us, not just things that can be seen with the eyes. It is the study and exploration of our experiences combined with the knowledge we currently possess.

“That is why we call it visual culture: a culture of the visual” Nicholas Mirzoeff. How to see the world pg 11


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