Writing comprehension (Option A)

Writing comprehension (Option A)


The work sounds wistful, sad, emotional and even tired. The author’s tone is almost longing as they want something that can’t be done or at least not currently.

She uses first person pronouns such as “I” and “My” – this enhances the emotive tone of the piece and allows the audience to be one with her as she explains her struggles between her Maori and the “monocultural education system” that exists in New Zealand.

The author positions herself in a way she has a personal and a political view.

My response to her voice is sympathy, empathy, understanding as the author’s emotive work makes me want to comfort her in.

It was easy to understand with her tone, her choice of words and writing techniques that make for a moving piece but also slightly difficult due to the Maori Language terminology she uses. However, this was also appropriate use of them.

While this is an interesting text and strongly shows the author’s perspective, and clearly demonstrates her idea, I didn’t find it particularly enjoyable. However while it may not have been entirely enjoyable, it definitely provided insight in something I was not too entirely aware of before.



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