Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast

There are obvious similarities and differences that the two sites have and that is mainly due to the different purposes of each site. San Fran is obviously a more casual kind of hangout and a bar while the Michael Fowler hosts orchestras, special events and the ARISE church. These different functions attract different visitors.


  1. The San Fran bar entrance is much more tolerable for graffiti, stickers and things others may consider borderline vandalism. A great example of this can be seen in the photo below where someone has painted ‘IDIOT’ in red paint that drips down the wall. The Michael Fowler centre, on the other hand, would never display such graffiti. Instead, their entrance foyer is clean with pristine white marble walls.


Graffiti scribble at entrance of San Fran



Pristine tiled floor and clean white marble walls

2 . The signage that is present in both San Fran and the Michael Fowler centre differ significantly. This is due to he fact that both have different atmospheres and functions. San Fran has brightly coloured posters framed around their bar with varied fonts and images. The Michael Fowler has limited signage but use a classic, elegant font in all capitals. They both signify the difference between both sites in how they present themselves. San Fran is casual and cool, Michael Fowler is elegant and striking.


Posters and signage at San Fran bar.





Signage at Michael Fowler Centre

However, it is also apparent that there are some significant shared similarities between the Michael Fowler Centre and the San Fran Bar.


  1. Both host an audience – while they may be a different type of audience, they are audiences none the less. San Fran hosts many tours, gigs and international artists which attract visitors while the Michael Fowler centre hosts orchestras, church sessions and many other special events. They are both different but are unified by their shared hosting environment.


Seats at San Fran for guests


Seating at Michael Fowler in foyer. 










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