Field Trip 1

Field Trip 1


Michael Fowler Centre Foyer. photo. 2016

Site description and Analysis

The first field trip was to the Michael Fowler Centre, located in Central Wellington. Designed by New Zealand Architects – Miles Warren and Maurice Mahoney, this building was named in honour of the Wellington mayor – Sir Michael Fowler who proposed the creation of the hall and event centre. It was originally commissioned in 1975 but it wasn’t till five years later that the building of the centre began.

The building allows visitors to move around via walking on the tiled floors, up the stairs or up the elevator. The stairs, unfortunately, were restricted access so the only way for us to explore the centre was by walking around and taking the elevator.

The space of the Michael Fowler Centre is There is both a large volume of space both up and down, the ceilings, in particular, are quite a sight with beautiful hangings of art and lights.

Its furnishings consist of seatings placed alongside the railings backed with glass and large filling artful pieces that are along the walls and hanging from the ceiling. It’s decorated in a minimal way so space is further increased and the largeness of the centre is emphasised.

Michael Fowler Centre second level. Photo. 2016

The lighting used in the centre is bright, yellow-white light, warmly lit and has a sense of welcoming despite its overwhelming huge space that the visitor is exposed to upon initial entrance. This warm lighting is used to provide an inviting atmosphere to visitors while retaining a sense of importance throughout the building as the bright lighting.

The online presence of the Michael Fowler Centre is shown on Positively Wellington Venues website and gives a different perspective of the building. Pictures of the auditorium are used and makes it look even more impressive.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.42.47 pm
Michael Fowler Centre on Positively Wellington Venues website. Screenshot.2016










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