Field Trip 2

Field Trip 2


San Fran Bar signage. Photo. 2016


Our next field trip took us down to Cuba Street on a Tuesday Evening to visit the ever so popular San Fran bar. Its associations with the NZ music industry has existed since the 1960’s and is widely known through the country as one of the top bars with acts and tours from all over the world.

The main purpose of the bar is to cater to the multi- functioning event building
– A bar, cafe, restaurant and a nightclub all in one.

The first impression of the bar was given during the entrance of the bar. Scribblings of graffiti and a random assortment of stickers along their cracked walls provided a sense of concern as it echoed the idea of a hideaway for teenage ruffians. Fortunately, we were wrong and after climbing the stairs we were exposed to the hip and retro looking space of San Fran bar – “beats and beverages”.


Fire Sprinkler box. San Fran. 2016


Bar. San Fran. 2016

San Fran is essentially where the ‘cool kids’ hang out but it’s not strictly limited to young people, as we saw some older patrons. Space is filled and furnishes with cool, colourful and retro-looking posters framed nicely with wood. They advertise the upcoming events and are placed around and above comforters, around walls and along the stairs to the bar. The bar itself is decorated with cage hangings which double as a storage place for alcohol supplies.


The lighting is much less overly bright and white, black covers the ceilings and the stage area which help provide a dim setting and boosts the ‘chill’ vibe of the bar.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.42.30 pm
San Fran’s website. Screenshot. 2016.

The online presence of San Fran contrasts against the real San Fran having little to no white in their space. However, the cool vibe is still present in this website with many pictures of their past and present gigs.


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