Visual Text Analysis

Visual Text Analysis

The object I have chosen for the visual text analysis is the mixer at San Fran bar.

The mixer is of the brand, Stanton and is a reasonable distance away from the stage and is presumably for the DJ. The intended audience is for the audience of gigs and for the nightclub visitors.

This item is important enough to be housed at San Fran because it is required for DJ’s and therefore needed for a night at nightclubs.  In relation to its distance from the stage, it’s far enough from the audience area to not interrupt people moving or dancing yet at a close enough proximity to be connected to the wires, cords and electrical equipment necessary for it to work. Alongside the mixer station is the soundcheck desk where it works together to enable the correct sound to be emitted from speakers and the stage. It sits across from the bar (as seen in the picture below).


Stanton mixer. San Fran Bar. Photo. 2016




Soundcheck station. San Fran Bar. Photo. 2016





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