wk 4 – Task 1 Analytical Essay

wk 4 – Task 1 Analytical Essay

What is an analytical essay?

An analytic essay is an essay which the writer must examine, analyze, critically evaluate and interpret material such as events, books, plays, poems or other forms of art. This essay requires an argument in which the writer claims a thesis which they must support by providing a thorough analysis and relevant evidence.

What makes it distinct from other genres of academic writing?

It is distinct from other genres of writing as it is used to analyze a text and must develop an argument. Writing analytical essay requires greater thought to think wider as it involves one’s ability to understand relationships that exist between objects.

An analytical essay should almost always contain the following

  1. Like most essays, it requires an introduction. This must establish the argument and introduce the topic and the discussion about to take place. A thesis statement will correctly present the argument.
  2. The body of the essay should be the full analysis of the text and
  3. When writing the conclusion of the essay, it should explain the link between the analysed text and the argument.

There are some recommendations for writing an analytical essay.

  1. Plan well ahead before starting.
  2. Avoiding the use of slang or colloquial language as this type of writing needs a formal approach.
  3. Be objective as it strengthens how one states their argument.




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