Wk 4-Task 2 Word cloud

Wk 4-Task 2 Word cloud

Question 3 – The World on Screen (Mirzoeff, chapter 4. 129-161) explores the idea that people develop visual technologies that shape the way they see others, themselves, and the world we live in. Situate examples of historical (paintings, drawings, photographs, material objects) and contemporary visual technologies (cameras, mobile phones, computers, virtual reality) in their contexts and then explore different ways the producers of these images employ those images to shape versions of the wider world and filter access to knowledge and information in certain ways.

What is the question asking me to do?

The question is asking me to research and explore the variety of  images from both the past and the present to identify how the producers of these works use/used them to change how we see the world at large and in what ways it may have been used to restrict or expand access to information.





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