Task 3 – Essay topic

Task 3 – Essay topic

Task A: Locate from a credible source, one visual text you will use in your essay. (This can include a visual texts from Wk4 I/S)

  1. Brainstorm/MindMap:Lookcloselyatthevisualtext,refer directly to what is‘in’the image(the subject)and identify ideas or points you think are important to consider about this image in building context. Consider why?
  2. Situate 1-2 historical or contemporary visual texts you might use in your essay.
  3. Linkwhatis‘in’theimage’stothoseideasandclaimsyouhaveidentifiedbycollagingormappingthemdirectlyonto

    the image/s or around it/them using the suggested approaches and technologies (see above).

  1. d. Upload the visual text exercise ‘Task A’ above, and also briefly reflect on:
    • How this process helped focus your research/essay direction.
    • How this process has helped develop your understanding of what is important to developing contextual knowledge or

      inter-textual relationships between the visual text/s?

    • Therelevanceoftheseideasandprocessforyouwhenmakingvisualtextsinthefieldofartordesignpracticethat

      you are most interested in, or currently undertaking in Studio Papers

      Include MLA captions, in-text citations and bibliographic citation for written text references.


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