Wk 4 – Task 3A Written Response

Wk 4 – Task 3A Written Response

What is Mirzoeff asking you to think about?

Mirzoeff asks us to think about just how our world has changed due to the evolving use and production of technological forms of commmunication. He wants us to gage and understand the importance and significance of how our world has changed and how we responded to that change – he wants us to think of the impact of technology and it’s positive and negative effects on us. The history of technology has driven our world forward in so many ways – from the industrial revolution and the technological advances made from wars, we consistently rely on technology, especially telecommunications to share and exchange information. For example,the technology of film and trains changed “Trains made visible worlds: worlds to live in, to work in and to imagine yourself in” (Mirzoeff. 138)

Do you think it might be important we know about it, think about or consider it? or research it in more depth? 

It is crucial and incredibly important that we think about it because today’s use of telecommunications is something our modern day generation heavily relies on without realising it. It’s one of our primary ways to share information and by researching it at a deeper level, we allow ourselves to learn more as we critically analyse, evaluate and come to a well educated, logical and conclusion about the topic.

Select a visual text from the chapter that best exemplifies your understanding of Mirzoeffs ideas and explain why you have selected this in view of your understanding?

The visual text that best exemplifies my understanding the ideas of Mirzoeff happens to be the still image of the train tracks seen from the point of view from the train. The image


This film happened to

‘ i am a camera has also become’

“The camera sees like a train, and the tracks fill the screen” (Mirzoeff. 139)

Strangers on a Train. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. Warner Bros. Pictures, 1951.

Still from Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train

a. What does the chapter title tell you about the topic of the chapter?

The chapter title “World on Screen” gives us the notion that the topic of the chapter is to do with how we perceive our world on visual media. How we see things from different point of views and just how our world is connected by the use of modern day telecommunications.

b. Introduction : How does he introduce the main idea and key points of the chapter , paragraphs speaks to the main/key points, conclusion  how does he summarise and tell the reader again of the main points? Does he situate a so what?

Mirzoeff starts by introducing the start of the chapter by with the first creations of what evolved later to be the modern day screen we constantly use now. He discusses how the Lumiere brothers in 1895 “arranged for a new distraction in the frenzied modern city of paris” and how they presented to the public their version of moving pictures. What was so important about this, is that the Lumiere brothers managed to better modify the screen of moving pictures to make smoother tranistions – by showing 16-20 frames per second which was much more successful than previous tries of this by Thomas Edison and others.

He finishes up the introduction by explaining what this chapter entails about how film began to be screened from trains, visual culture

He separates the chapter into sub categories with the key headings of the Scene from the Train, Closed world, the Global village

He concludes by summarising and situating


Works Cited

Mirzoeff, Nicholas. “Introduction”. How to See the World. London: Pelican, 2015. 31-69. Print.



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