Wk 4 Task 4a – Video Review

Wk 4 Task 4a – Video Review


Literacy and Critical Thinking – The Toledo Museum of Art Youtube 

I found the first clip about visual literacy most effective in getting their point across because while it was short, it was concise and got straight to the point. This, in turn, kept me focused and allowed me to understand it. I learned some key points from the video, especially from some of the speakers who explained how visual literacy and critical thinking impacted on us as a society and an evolving modern world.

The video further emphasizes the importance of needing Visual literacy and critical thinking as    .  The video begins with Allison Reid defining what visual literacy is and how it is used with critical thinking in order to instigate well thought out responses.

“Images can be powerful tools for communicating messages skills to interpret those messages and come up with thoughtful responses”                                                                 Allison Reid – Deputy Director, New Orleans Museum of art


“In Contemporary  Culture, it’s become all too endemic, to take things at face value, to not think ,to not probe, to not ask for evidence – to be manipulated as a result of that”        Philip Yenawine, the Museum educator.

What Philip says is relevant especially to us as almost every day this exact scenario plays out on social media or . We see something and take it at face value and assume it is as we saw it, therefore often believing in something that isn’t quite true and being deceived by our own lack of critical thinking. For example, a common case of this is the ‘facebook privacy post’. You may see several people re-posting a copy and paste the text of something along with lines of ” Facebook is going to change their private policy views and you must copy and paste this in order to stop them. I do not give permission for Facebook to …” which has actually been proved to be false. These kinds of situations clear misunderstandings and lack of thinking and criticism allows us to become fools to our own assumptions.


I would recommend this video to others because it’s very straightforward and directly explains what visual literacy is, why it is needed and the importance of it – all within 2 minutes. It gets straight to the point which makes it easy to understand with no difficult terminology or unnecessary jargon.


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