Wk 5 – Task 4 Blog post

Wk 5 – Task 4 Blog post

Task: Situate an image of one of the visual texts, selected for Task 3 (MLA caption).
Draw on the skills, knowledge and writing from tasks 1-3 to write a blog post about the visual text.
The aim of this exercise is to provide the reader/audience with contextual knowledge and a depth of understanding about the visual text, and its significance.

Writing Skill: When writing this blog post you might consider how a question can help focus your paragraph. In answer this question you construct the paragraph. The question can then be turned into a topic or introductory sentence telling the reader what the topic of the paragraph is about.

  • ~  Consider the writing styles ofMirzoeff, Walker, Sturken and Cartwright or others you have encountered in this paper.
  • ~  Provide some description alongside the contextual knowledge.
  • ~  You must demonstrate in this Blog post your engagement with tasks 1-3 by referencing the various texts

    including Mizoeff. Include in-text citations when quoting or paraphrasing authors or lecturers. Include a Works Cited list at the end of your blog.

    Reflection after completing the task: Will you use this paragraph or this approach when analysing another image? (not required in the blog post)


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