Wk 9 – Assessment 3

Wk 9 – Assessment 3

What it means to be a global citizen in this generation means is that we have a large influential potential to impact the wider society by via the amount of technological advances in telecommunications and the rang of connections across the globe. There are so many more ways to communicate images and ideas with this modern technology, that we can use it to instigate change along with visual culture.

“Visual culture is a way to recreate forms of change”(Mirzoeff. 289)

Visual activism – “Visual activism is the interaction of pixels and actions to make change” (Mirzoeff. 297) Mirzoeff means

Visual thinking -is a way in which one organises their thoughts in order to improve their ability to think and communicate.

An injustice and a concern I have decided upon is the issues of illegal child marriages around the world. According to girlsnotbrides.org – “Every year worldwide, 15 million girls are married before they reach the age of 18. That equates to 28 girls per minute, 1 every 2 seconds.”Girls who should still be in school and under the care of their parents are being married off to much older men and the ones who survive almost always end up in abusive, violent relationships and end terribly.

Why child marriage happens – There are many different reasons to why child marriages still occur today, but some key reasons are the gender inequality, poverty ,traditions, cultural reasons and insecurity. Regardless of these, child marriages are wrong and should not be something that is culturally accepted by societies in these countries.

The direction in which i have decided to take it


For my final creative work, I want to explore on how I can make an effective statement with a medium that will effectively capture the audiences attention and give an emotional response. I find the emotive statements and art works do best.

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