Wk 10 – Assessment 3 workbook process

Wk 10 – Assessment 3 workbook process

Research of other designers/artists

An artist that uses a visual strategy I am interested in is English designer Lobulo and the medium of paper craft.   He uses the medium of paper craft and laboriously cuts every single part in order to achieve this amazing end result, using glue, paper, card, and a craft knife. His talent for creating these beautiful works of were first brought to surface after his work of ‘Saint Darth Vader’ for Goo magazine was shown.

Lobule Beetles



French Design studio – Zim and Zou consist of two french artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann who both studied graphic design. They create all their installations and artworks by hand, carefully using their materials of paper, card, string, glue, wood and thread – moving away from computer designs. Their works are delicate, intricate and beautiful and awe viewers.

Zim and Zou BBQ grill set


Zim and Zou – Coffee Dream

French artist Mademoiselle Maurice created a origami installation for the ARTAQ festival 2013. They used over 30,000 meticulously folded paper pieces to create a street art work of something that looks like it has been spray painted on when in fact it is origami.  The use of bright colours and varying paper size and folding methods, this artists has created a stunning piece which stood out from the crowd despite using the media of paper. The installation is very effective due to its use of bright, vivid colours and its unusual form which attracted many viewers and definitely made a impact on them.

Mademoiselle Maurice’s origami installation.




The White Bindi project is an excellent example of visual activism. It stands to object and protest against the illegal child marriages that occur. The traditional red dot bindi that is placed on the forehead of a Hindu woman represents her married status and is an iconic symbolic indian accessory. It symbolises prosperity and her marriage.

NO CHILD BRIDES’ – started by Prakhar Jain. In hopes of bringing child marriages to light, he created this campaign and travelled across India, taking photos of real life child brides and raising funds.Delhi based Prakhar Jain, Sumit Sond and Nikhil Guha worked together to promote and create this work of visual activism.The trio used 39,000 white bindi’s to create this massive artwork (5ft by 7ft) that took them 5 months to complete. The white colour of the bindis in colour theory to represent peace, safety and tranquility is a contrast to the usual bright red colour bindi that is traditionally worn. It is appropriate for such a campaign as NO CHILD BRIDES. The artwork features a beautiful young girl child who stares at the viewer. They also used five different shades of grey to fill in the darker coloured areas. The specific number of the bindi’s represent the number of girls forced into child marriage daily. It is found that 45% of child brides come from India.

Furthermore, Prakhar and his colleagues discussed this project with the Lakme  Fashion Week in 2104 (Mumbai) and Tarum Tahitian (a designer) organised his team and all the models to wear white bindi’s to promote this campaign. It gained significant media attention and coverage, selling more than 65,000 white bindi’s and spreading awareness this issue.


Say no to child bride – the end result of the artwork is a 5ft by 7ft image of a young girl with a white bindi.

The trio works on the art piece.


Research cases for impacts of child marriage

The impacts of child marriages are huge, with awful consequences for the girl sentenced to a life with an older man who will be her ‘owner’. Here are some cases below.

  1. 16 year old  Nadia had her nose and ears viciously cut off and hair shaved as punishment for visiting her mother and not telling her husband. She is just one of the millions of girls who have ended up like this.


Jamal, Nissal. 16 year old Nadia – a victim of child marriage. January 7th, 2008. Photo


Sinclair, Stephanie. 2007. Photo

2.  A 16 year old Surita Shreshta Balami screams in protest as she is carried off to her new home to be wed. Children don’t want to get married off despite the tradition in Nepal for Hindu families to marry off young girls before the onset of puberty (first menstruation). This picture is so emotive and captures the hopeless child being forced into the adult task of marriage and taken away from her family.

3. 8 year old Rawan from Yemeni, died of internal bleeding the night after her wedding. The young girl married a man five times her age and after the husband instigated intercourse, she suffered severe bleeding with uterine ruptures which ultimately caused her death. Her life couldn’t be saved after being taken to the hospital as her organs were ruptured and too severe. This is not the only case of young girls dying from rape by their husbands.

4. 11 year old Mashid set herself on fire after hearing the news she was to be married to a much older man. Despite surviving, she was violently beaten by her father because she had apparently “shamed her family”. While Mashid survived, she said her friend had also attempted it before she had due to the same reasons and died.”11-year-old Bride Sets Herself on Fire to Avoid Marriage – Articles – Easy Weddings.” Articles. N.p., 2014. Web.

“I was panicking, I just wanted to escape so I tried to kill myself. My father had lots of weapons and I considered using them but I chose fire because I was following what my friend Zainab had done.”

Her mother punched her in the face and she was shamed after she returned home. She was considered dirty, broken, ugly and was unwanted.

These cases show just how devastating it is for young girls to be sentenced for life of a union with a much older adult man, only to be abused physically, psychologically, sexually and mistreated . The effects of child marriage are overwhelming terrible and no child deseveres this kind of fate.

Important ideas

  • Children in countries such as India, Afghanistan,  Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Pakistan, and many more still practice this today.
  • In many countries there are already laws and protection guidelines against child marriages however the
  • There is an idea that young girls should be married off as to guarantee their virginity and so their adult husbands can ‘raise’ the child into becoming his wife.
  • Girls are considered currency as opposed to actual human beings.
  • While child marriages are declining around the world, it is reducing at a limit too slow and children are forced into marriages with much older adults.
  • The children who do go through these marriages end up in many cases trying to commit suicide in various ways in order to escape these awful arrangements as they see no other means of escape. There is no hope for them.
  • There is no only violent physical abuse that often accompanies the culture of child marriages but psychological abuse.
  • Young girls who are put up for this marriage are shown to die much earlier in childbirth as opposed to any other death. In the Yemen region, a study found that 74% of young girls who died via childbirth were married under the age of 20. Girls who got pregnant under the age of 15 were also much more likely to die in childbirth as opposed to a woman in her 20’s (Five times more likely).
  • This is because girls who have been forced into becoming pregnant are often at a stage where their bodies are not fully developed (both physically and psychologically immature) and therefore their bodies are not able to carry a child. They are physically unable to do this.
  • These children who should be enjoying their childhood and learning things as young children are robbed of their childhood, being forced into becoming wives and slaves for much older men. They do not play like other children ; they do chores as a housewife, they are raped, they are beaten, they are mistreated, they are killed.

The video below also demonstrates some important points and gives insight into the world of child marriages.

“If we can end child marriage, we can change the lives of girls everywhere and help them to enjoy their childhoods; enrol them in school; protect them from complicated pregnancies and births. We can keep girls safe. And as we do all of this, we help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty… We must galvanise political commitment and dedicate resources for girls to realise their rights and fulfil their potential. Together we can end child marriage”.  – executive directors of UNICEF, UNFPA and UN Women (International Day of the Girl 2012)

Idea for creative work

I would like to use the media of paper craft- utilising brightly coloured card and paper to make a powerful static image that will capture viewers attention and stand out.

Media – paper craft                   Theme –  Regular children vs children who are put into marriages                                     Final form – Poster/Static image

Upon further research and investigation into my issue, my aim is to produce an artwork which highlights the issue of robbing children of their childhood and pushing them into the adult task of being married . I want it to be emotive and bring out the emotional component in the viewers in order to have a lasting and effective impact.


Terms and definitions

Visual Activism – is a form of activism using a visual media.

Citizenship -the position or status of being a citizen of a particular country.

Change agents – a person inside or outside of an organisation where they aim to focus on changing the development, organisation and improve the organisation from the inside out. They focus to improve the organisations peoples and their interactions.

Cultural critics – a critic of a given culture

Protest – Is a declaration or expression extreme disapproval, often in opposition of something that is overpowering or controlling. Can be passive or aggressive.

Resistance – the act of opposing or withstanding.


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