Wk 11 -Assessment 3 workbook process

Wk 11 -Assessment 3 workbook process

Creative work development

Researching colour theory, I am going to create a work that is symbolic not only in the images but the colours.

For the happy child side, I am going to use colours that evoke this emotion such as red, yellow, orange and the background will be a clean white. The bright, warm colours are often used to show and encourage feelings of happiness, optimism, vitality and energy. Yellow especially represents laughing, happiness, sunshine and cheerfulness.

For the sad child side, I am using colours of blue, green and grey to emphasise the sad and empty emotions. The blue can mean sad, depressed, empty and hopeless.


Chosen Creative Work Concept

For my final creative work, I want to explore on how I can make an effective statement with a medium that will effectively capture the audiences attention and give an emotional response. I find the emotive statements and art works do best.


Development creative work concept

I have cut out silhouettes of two young girls – one happy and carefree girl and a sad girl in a crouching, defensive position. Then I inserted three cuts, and separated the silhouette bodies and then traced them onto coloured card. Then I proceeded to make the cuts. I then cut up a 1/3rd block of black card and stuck it onto a full A4 sized white card. The colours of the background represent the future for each of the girls – large white background is a hopeful and pleasant future while the small, black background represents her shorter lifespan, black future filled with dark.







I am still working on what iconographical images I could use to enhance my work.


Agency – a business or organization providing a particular service on behalf of another business, person, or group.

social responsibility – an ethical framework which suggest that an individual or company has a responsibility to action change to benefit the society at a large scale.

” Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems” – Wikipedia definition.

transformative practices – practices that enable change.

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