Wk 12 – Assessment workbook processes

Wk 12 – Assessment workbook processes


-Added iconography (hanging noose over sad girl and happy smiley face above happy child

-Also added dandelion on both children. Happy child is holding one in her hands and is happily blowing them into the air while sad child’s dandelion has fallen apart on the ground with the seedlings scattered underneath her.


My final piece
Kim, Janetta
“Your childhood vs mine”
Collage paper craft

My final work showcases the idea of how child marriages ruin the future of the young bride. The child on the left is happy, carefree and stands upright because she is not pressed. The warm colours she is made out of shows she is cheerful, happy, content, optimistic, full of vitality and energetic. Her larger share of the background in white shows her larger expected life as she is not a victim of child marriages. She will enjoy her childhood, live a normal life and grow up.

The child on the right is crouched in a defensive position with a smaller background for short life. She is made out of the colours of blue, green and grey – colours that encourage and represent feelings of sadness, depression and hopelessness. She is a victim of child marriages and has missed out on her childhood.

This piece is to highlight the difference between “normal” children and young girls who face child marriage.






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