Assessment 1 -237.131 Wk 2 blog task

Assessment 1 -237.131 Wk 2 blog task


Chosen artwork – Hei Tiki

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.51.33 PM


Hei Tiki, which translates to Hei – Neck pendant and Tiki -Human, are important examples of art that has been passed down the Maori Culture. They symbolized the significance of lineage and were highly prized possessions worn by both men and women. Also known to be given to pregnant women as a source of protection. These carvings were generally made out of various stones, bone or wood and were known to be worn on formal occasions.

Later evolved over time into more of an original Maori classic design which differentiated from the early 17th century Polynesian designs with more symmetrical forms.

Atoll Anderson states that “A number of contemporary Maori artists explore the meaning and significance of Hei Tiki.” which shows the just how important this design is to the Maori history and culture as it is still being analysed and explored.

Works cited

Harris, Atholl Anderson, Judith Binney and Aroha. “Ancient Origins.” Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History. New Zealand: Bridget Williams, 2012. 16-41. Print.


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