Assessment 1 -237.131 Wk 3 blog task

Assessment 1 -237.131 Wk 3 blog task




Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki. Photo Richard Wotton.


Made during the period of Te Tipunga the growth (1200 TO 1500CE), the haumi (Cover) was created to deflect oncoming waves from the canoe prow. The haumi was discovered in a swamp site near Patea in 1975 and

One aspect of the haumi that directly relates to the period it was from and the context is the interesting carvings that decorate the tool/art. It shows that creators were transitioning between the Eastern Polynesian style of carving into the late Maori carving style. By hand chiseling into the timber, the haumi close up shows small pecks that add up to a design. It shows the crucial in-between stage before Maori completely changed into their own traditional and original style.There are traces of the geometric and ancestral designs of the East Polynesian style mixed with evidence of the distinctive Maori forms.

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