Week 9 Blog task

Week 9 Blog task

2. Melanie Wall identifies some of the more common Māori stereotypes that have appeared in New Zealand’s media. Take one of the examples of representations of Māori from Dick’s lecture and discuss it in relation to Wall’s ideas (100 words).

Maori as primitive, natural athlete.

From the beginning of the Colonial times, Maori have been imagined as ‘cave like people’, ‘half-naked savages’ that were these primitive people to be feared. This is a stark contrast to the imagining of the European people who were imagined as civilized, cultured and educated people. However, this harmful stereotype is still ingrained in New Zealand society today. For example, in New Zealand’s rugby culture, they use this stereotype as an advantage/strength, The violent, savage beast stereotype of Maori males is portrayed and enhanced. The Warriors rugby team are shown in stoic, masculine, half-naked forms for an advert to show”black athleticism.”The representation of Maori in this way is often regarded demeaning and harmful, presenting this stereotypical idea of how Maori are a primitive, natural athlete and lack intelligence.

Works Cited

Wall, Melanie. “Stereotypical Constructions of the Maori ‘race’ in the Media.”New Zealand Geographer 1997: n. pag. Print. Research


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