Week 7 blog post

Week 7 blog post

1. Identify one key point and/or theme from the Week 7 lecture. Find an academic source (not the lecture itself, but the source may be one that is cited in the lecture) for that key point/theme.Paraphrase the academic source text relating to the key point/theme. Remember to accurately reference the source using the MLA style (50 words)

A key theme from the week 7 lecture, was the idea of racism towards Pacific/Polynesian people in the form of political propaganda that was spread by the media. It instilled fear, increased racism against brown people and enhanced harmful stereotypes against those with Pacific/Polynesian descent.

Especially during the National’s party Robert Muldoon’s campaign for the 1975 election, he screened powerful, emotive and racist commercials that showcased the increased immigration from the Pacific Islands as a horrible thing as islanders were shown to be violent, aggressive, scary and greedy.

“They featured cartoons of violent brown people with huge afro’s, arriving off the place going to the pub, stealing jobs” Oscar Keightly – Dawn raids.

Watch clip  Here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 8.09.30 PM.png
National party’s political propaganda depicting brown people as something to be feared. 1975

2. Using examples in “All Power to the People” by Melani Anae (2012), or “The Many Faces of Paradise” by Caroline Vercoe (2004), describe one of the art/design/creative responses to the socio-political situation that confronted Pacific Islanders in Aotearoa in the late 20th century (50 – 75 words).

One of the design responses found in “All Power to the People” by Melani Anae, was the logo of the Polynesian movement that stood to defend and be the justice movement for those of Polynesian/Pacific descent who faced unfair oppression by police and the NZ government.


Polynesian Panther Movement based off the original Black Panthers founded in 1966 by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.  While they both stood to protect neighbourhoods and communities from acts of police brutality, the NZ group realised they had to make it more specific and relatable to those of the Pacific/Polynesian community so altered it to the Polynesian Panther party. This design worked as the logo was.

  • recognisable
  • relatable
  • United by the original movements ‘black unity’

3. Write a synopsis of the documentary ‘Dawn Raids’ (Fepulea’i, D. 2005) (50 – 75 words)

The documentary ‘Dawn Raids’ confronts the real NZ historical issue of when illegal immigrant overstayers were targeted in local communities during the mid-1970’s to the 1980’s. The illegal immigrants consisted of mainly Pacific Islander and Polynesian workers who were initially welcomed by the NZ government after the postwar economic boom as jobs were plentiful; only to be forcibly removed from the country after NZ’s economy wasn’t so stable.

Special police forces struck at dawn to catch these overstayers outside their houses as this was before they went to work, thus the only chance to catch them.However the issue just wasn’t with the overstayers, it was with New Zealand’s racist attitude to those of brown skin colour and how these were spread with media as turns out the majority of overstayers were from Great Britain, South Africa and Australia.

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Wk 7 – Task 2

Wk 7 – Task 2


My own worldview is that the reason we are put on earth is what we make of it. We have no pre-destined life that we have no control over, but the choices, decisions, and actions we make lead us to what we are as people and we make what we will of it. An individual’s personal worldview shapes the way they see themselves, others and the world. This is especially true for how I feel about my own worldview

How might you connect world view, ideology, identity, and a personal perspective, and or differentiate between them?

Worldview is connected to ideology in the way that


Furthermore, ideology connects to how we identify ourselves as people and how we see each other and ourselves. E.g the ideology of beauty and

It then narrows down to our each and own personal perspective and how we



You get your sense of belonging in relation to others who share a set of values, beliefs and a way of being in the world, can you identify some aspects of the collective world view that marginalise or subordinate other world views?


If your world view is dominant and/or the most widely accepted and unchallenged world view, what might it be like if your world view became marginalised or, un-noticed or a disregarded world view?

  1. How might the dominant worldview see you and expect you to live out your life?

The dominant worldview of women’s role of staying home and bearing children expects me to fufil that role as I am a woman.

  1. Return to Sheilagh Walker text ‘Writing from the gut Kia tau the rangimarie as she offers a worldview and perspective on academia. Now, what would you say about her worldview/argument? 


  2. What might Mirzoeff’s worldview be?


  1. What would you say if you were to argue that one’s view has a part to play in the construction of a visual text and reading a visual text differently?




n a 100-250 word paragraph for a Blog Post discusses how a visual text can be constructed and read differently considering ‘world view’, ‘ideology’, and ‘the myth of photographic truth’. You might want to refer to the questions below as prompts for a draft of your paragraph, and you can refer to visual texts.

1. Howmight‘worldview’,‘ideology’,and ‘the myth of photographic truth’ relate to each other?

Worldview, ideology and the myth of photogrpahic truth all relate to each other. Ones World view can be influenced by existing ideologies
2. How might they be considered when critically evaluating the producer of a visual text?
3. How might the ideas be considered when critically evaluating the audience of a visual  text?
4. How might a visual text represent,affirm,normalise,and promote a dominant worldview?
(Cite all source material–in-text citations and bibliographic citations: MLA captions; MLA in-text referencing for online sources, lecture presentations, video presentation).

Reflect on how these ideas might influence your thinking and make as an artist, designer or photographer?

These ideas may influence me and my thinking as a designer as I will be more